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Elliot Chun

Equifax Page: An article about the recent Equifax security breach.
Tech Page: In this page, I discuss AlphaStar, a Starcraft II AI created by DeepMind.
Business Card: This is my digital business card, with my phone number, email and my school.
Collage: This is a collage of my various interests and hobbies.
Gear Store: An example of forms used to create a mock-up of an online merchandise store.
Recipe: An example of pop-up windows used to create a recipe page with special printing styling.
Craps Game: A working recreation of Craps, in JavaScript.
Xtreme Coding: They say coding can be an extreme sport. It turns out, it's true.
Ball Bounce: An example of canvases, used to create two balls that merge on contact.
Space Invaders: A recreation of the Space Invader AI with a canvas.
Pong: A recreation of Pong with a canvas.
Submairne: Control a submarine in an ocean full of fish made using for loops and arrays.
Cyber Security: A series of lessons dedicated to teaching people how to stay safe on the internet.
Fish Tank: Add fish using the "a" key and watch the shark eat them up!